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Back to playing with my Web Search Spider
Appropiate that this is my first post in 2006. I spent several hours this evening working getting my web search spider back up and going. I have it running on .NET 2.0 with Sql Server 2005. I need to go back and make a stored procedure change or two and...
Our ADO.NET Version 2 Book Cover
Check out that guru on the left. He really knows his stuff. You can tell, just by looking at him.
I am the Database Geek of the Week I wonder if its my sparking personality that wins folks over. ;-) Wally
Full-Text Search Chapter
I have just emailed my full-text search chapter to my publisher. If you are reading this, I was successful and my laptop was not stolen before I sent it off. Yippeee.............. Wally
Want to see what Full-Text Search Filters are currently running on Sql Server 2005?
Call the sproc sp_help_fulltext_extensions. You will get a list of the file types and the location of the filter along with some additional information. Wally
Full-Text Indexing a PDF file with Sql Server 2005 December CTP (aka Yukon)
I just got finished installing and setting up the full-text indexing of a pdf file for Sql Server 2005 December CTP Build. Here are the steps to getting it working (assuming you have a functioning table to store BLOB data). Remember that your table must...
Using a prefix with Full Text Search in Microsoft Sql Server 2005
I remember a long time ago having problems with trying to run a query in Sql Server 2k FTS where I had something like: SELECT COL1, COL2, COL3 FROM TABLE WHERE CONTAINS(COL1, 'TERM*') I wanted the rows where a word came back that started with TERM. I...
Full-Text Catalogs in the master, model, or tempdb databases
In reading through the documentation on Sql Server 2005, it states that a full-text catalog can not be created in the master, model, or tempdb databases. The more interesting question to me is "Why would I want to do create a catalog in those databases...
Thanks to John Kane
Just wanted to thank John Kane for his suggestions regarding Full-Text Searching. John has a very informative blog on Full-Text Searching . Wally
Full-Text Search Chapter Outline is now completed
I think I have just about completed my outline for the Full-Text Search Chapter Outline is just about completed and I have written some content. I'll probably have a few changes to the outline, but I like where I am at now. I'm really excited about this...
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