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Stupid is as stupid does - Wallace B. McClure

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Perhaps I could go as John Titor?..........
MIT is hosting a Time Travelers Convention this weekend . How would they know that I am not John Titor anyway? Hmmm, should I skip the soundseeing tour this weekend?
Democracy is the worst form of government.........
Except for all the rest. Breaking my vow to Uncle Kirk about not saying anything political, I just had to say "how insane is this?" Someone wants to redo an election where the...
H1-B Visa issue
<rant topic="Business of Technology"> Once again, another tech company (Microsoft, but it could easily be Intel, Oracle, or ABC) wants to say that the limits on H1-B is limiting their ability to hire and will ultimately hurt their business. Sorry...
Interesting emails that I recieved over the weekend
Region's Bank. I need to logon to check my account and make sure that there are no problems. Hmm, I'm not a Region's Bank customer. Paypal/Ebay. I need to logon to verify that my account is correct. Hmm, I'm not a paypal/Ebay customer. Various China business...
The Regular Guys Return
Ok, the really returned last week, but this has been the first day that I have had an opportunity to listen @ . For those that are curious, and care, the Regular Guys are Larry and Eric @ . Ohhhhhhhh...
Create your own VB.COM - A suggestion to the MVPs that want their VB6 back
I have read this evening where a number of MVPs are signing a petition asking for Microsoft to add Classic VB back into the Visual Studio IDE. I would suggest that since they see a market for this, they can download the VSIP SDK and build an open source...
WTF?!? Bring back Visual Basic 6? You are kidding me! You have got to be kidding me................ I am sorry, but I think that this is a really bad idea. Yeah, I'm sorry that the trip from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET has been painful for some folks. However, there...
Festivus is fast approaching
The December, 23 rd holiday known as Festivus is fast approaching. Make sure that you have your Festivus Pole up soon. Before the traditional Festivus Dinner, have everyone write down the year's issues for the "Airing of Grievances." That way, it is easy...
Non-Technical - Adware/Spyware developers and marketing folks are not my favorite people
At one of my customer's, when I am not there, someone else will use the computer that I use, due to resource limitations. That is fine with me, I'm not there all the time. Unforntunately, about a month ago, one of these folks somehow got hoodwinked into...
Internet meltdown on August 26 Geez, if it is from the Inquirer, it has got to be true. ;-) Wally
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