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Several years ago, I had written my own little hashcode for my web search spider. I checked the performance on my 64 bit system, and to put it mildly, it was horrible. I was talking to Dave Wanta this week and he reminded me of the Hashing support in...
64 bits in .NET 2.0
I put my Web Spider code onto my x64 system. Everything is managed code. I was able to just start running the code. The lesson seems to be that if you right 100% managed code, your code will run, your code has a pretty good change of running in 32 bits...
Specific Sites
I made some changes to my spider to only search specific sites as oppossed to just going out there and searching the Web Graph. It was fairly simple. All I had to do was change a couple of stored procs. Wally
Back to playing with my Web Search Spider
Appropiate that this is my first post in 2006. I spent several hours this evening working getting my web search spider back up and going. I have it running on .NET 2.0 with Sql Server 2005. I need to go back and make a stored procedure change or two and...
Yahoo Developer Network
Yahoo has created a Developer Network for their search services. It is located at . Wally
Full-Text Search Chapter Outline is now completed
I think I have just about completed my outline for the Full-Text Search Chapter Outline is just about completed and I have written some content. I'll probably have a few changes to the outline, but I like where I am at now. I'm really excited about this...
Sometimes, programmers will perform a something like the below in TSql: DECLARE @CountSum int SET @CountSum = (SELECT COUNT(COL1) FROM TABLE WHERE ......) IF @CountSum = 0 BEGIN //Perform some TSql operations.......... END with this code, you are really...
MSMQ Processing of multiple pieces of data
You want to process a bunch of data associated with a single MSMQ message. First, create a class with the Serializable attribute. [ Serializable ()] public class cSearchUrl { public string Url = String .Empty; public string ServerName = String .Empty;...
MSMQ processing of a string
Here is some sample code that processes messages that are in an MSMQ queue (isn't that redundant?). It pulls a string from a defined queue and does something with it. Behind the scenes, it uses the threadpool to process messages in the queue. //do a bunch...
Optimizing Indexes with Sql Server 2005 (Yukon) Beta 2
If you want to optimize your indexes in Sql Server 2000, you probably used the DBCC REINDEX or DBCC INDEXDEFRAG commands. I like the DBCC INDEXDEFRAG because I don't have to take the table offline from the application. I've been looking at for a similar...
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