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CodeCast Episode #2 - Talkin' 'bout Xamarin
I was honored to have been on CodeCast Episode #2 . While there, I talked about my past, how I got into programming, and the decision tree that led me to use Xamarin's technologies. After those discussions, I did a demo on oAuth authentication to Twitter...
Async & Await in C# with Xamarin
One of the great things about the .NET Framework is that Microsoft has worked long and hard to improve many features. Since the initial release of .NET 1.0, there has been support for threading via .NET threads as well as an application-level threadpool...
Mapping and Location with Xamarin.Android (formerly Mono for Android)
Real Estate is all about location, location, location. Mobile is about maps, location and maps. Maps are an excellent mechanism to communicate information about locations. Maps are graphical, and you know that a picture is worth a thousand words. When...
Mapping and Location in iOS and Android at Xamarin Evolve 2013
The following is a link to my talk on Mapping & Location in iOS and Android at Xamarin Evolve 2013. Obviously, the talk is centered on MonoTouch, aka Xamarin.iOS, and Mono for Android, aka Xamarin.Android. In this talk, I cover the native functionality...
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