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Building Native User Interfaces is the Right Way To Build Cross Platform Style Apps
I hear a few developers getting down on Xamarin because they are required to: Create different projects for the various mobile platforms that they want to target. Learn the particulars of a given platform, or as I term them, the “isms.” Interestingly...
Async & Await in C# with Xamarin
One of the great things about the .NET Framework is that Microsoft has worked long and hard to improve many features. Since the initial release of .NET 1.0, there has been support for threading via .NET threads as well as an application-level threadpool...
Mapping and Location in iOS and Android at Xamarin Evolve 2013
The following is a link to my talk on Mapping & Location in iOS and Android at Xamarin Evolve 2013. Obviously, the talk is centered on MonoTouch, aka Xamarin.iOS, and Mono for Android, aka Xamarin.Android. In this talk, I cover the native functionality...
Juice Up Your Android UI
Recently, I wrote an article for our Mono for Android column about improving your user interface of your applications. The url is: I hope that you enjoy the article. I spent a...
Free Xamarin Studio and Free Chapters 1-4 Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET/C#
On February 20, Xamarin announced a new version of MonoDevelop called Xamarin Studio . We've been big fans of Xamarin and Miguel de Icaza's work all the way back to the inception of the Mono project so we're especially amped to see Xamarin release a Free...
I'm on the Tablet Show to talk MonoTouch and Mono for Android
Carl and Richard talk to Wally McClure about building mobile applications for iPhone and Android using MonoTouch and Mono for Android (respectively). The conversation starts out with Wally's original interest in the Mono tools, being able to leverage...
Beating the Android Fragmentation Monster with .NET, C#, and Mono for Android - Article
Much has been made about fragmentation of the Android platform. The truth is that the Android platform is not as fragmented as developers think. Google provides a set of libraries that allow older versions of Android to get support for newer APIs. In...
Learn Cross Platform Development for iPhone, iPad, and Android with LearnNowOnline, MonoTouch, and Mono for Android using .NET/C#
I would like to highly encourage you to learn Cross Platform Development for iPhone, iPad, and Android with LearnNowOnline, MonoTouch, and Mono for Android using .NET/C#. By taking your existing knowledge, you can build applications that are best of breed...
Cross Platform Development with MonoTouch and Mono for Android
You are tasked with creating apps for the iPhone, IPad, and Android. You are a .NET developer. What should you do? Start with MonoTouch and Mono for Android. Along the way, you will want to check out my training class through LearnNowOnline. . The class...
Databases and Data with MonoTouch and Mono for Android
Learn Now Online (formerly AppDev) has just released a free section of one of my recent training series about relational databases with MonoTouch and Mono for Android . I hope you find it helpful and enjoying!
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