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Review - Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET/C#
Mike Riley of Dev Pro Connections Magazine has a review of our Mono for Android book . You can read the full review on their site Mono for Android has been available for more than a year. The documentation for the product is adequate and has been improving...
Xamarin Designer for Android Webinar - Recording
Here is some info on the recording of the webinar that I did last week for AppDev regarding the Xamarin Designer for Android. Basic Info: Android user interfaces can be created declaratively by using XML files, or programmatically in code. The Xamarin...
Cross-Platform Mobile Development With Mono for Android and MonoTouch
Many years ago, in fact pre-Java, I remember a hallway discussion about the desire to write a single application that could easily run across various platforms. At the time, we were only worried about writing applications on Windows 3.1 and Mac OS 7.x...
Xamarin Designer for Android Webinar - Webinar via AppDev May 23
I'll be doing a Webinar on May 23 on the Xamarin Mono for Android Designer that is new with Mono for Android 4.2. This is a free webinar presented by AppDev, please attend if you can. Here is some info on the webinar: Android user interfaces can be created...
How do you get the Virtual Keyboard (aka Soft Keyboard) in the Android 4.0 Emulator?
Ok, getting the Android 4.0 emulator is not obvious. In previous versions, I had set the "Keyboard Support" to yes. I did that this time, and nothing. I played with touch support, and no luck as well. I finally had to beg to my Android contact for some...
Turn-By-Turn Driving Directions in Android with Mono for Android (MonoDroid)
I needed to open some turn-by-turn directions in Android. I did the following with Mono for Android, and this code worked: String url = String.Format("{0},{1}&daddr={2}", lat, lon, dAddr); Intent intent = new Intent...
MonoDroid Article in Visual Studio Magazine
The February edition of Visual Studio magazine is now online. In it, my article regarding MonoDroid, the implementation of C# and .NET for Android devices, is online. I can't thank Michael Desmond enough for the opportunity. Its fitting now that Android...
MonoDroid Preview 11 Logging Changes
With the latest MonoDroid Preview, the new logging functionality is: Android.Util.Log.Debug( "some identifier", "some message" );
MonoDroid on the Mac
I finally decided to test out the new MonoDroid on Mac preview. It works, and it works almost exactly like MonoDroid on Visual Studio 2010. Here are some screen shots: Creating a project. Intellisense works when I try and create a new layout. Starting...
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