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Shrinking an image in iOS with Xamarin.iOS and C#
Images taken with the camera are rather large in the iPhone. How do you shrink them down? I need to shrink them because I am going to send them to a web service and I want to spend as little time as possible in the upload process. While I am not sure...
iOS6 for .NET & C# Developers with MonoTouch - New UI Controls
Url: Course Description: The User Interface (UI) has become a very important part of any application. This course will cover application UI in iOS 6. You will see the UI refresh control and how to...
MonoTouch: iOS 6 Introduction, Social Media & Maps - Online Training with LearnNowOnline
One of my training courses has just been published by LearnNowOnline. I hope you find it helpful as you take up iOS 6 Development with MonoTouch. Here is some info about it below. Link: Course Description...
Working with Images and Animation on the iPhone and iPad with .NET and C#: Part 1
Multimedia has come a long way during my career in programming. I remember the HP-41C, the first calculator that I used day to day in my geeky teenage years (unfortunately, I've only gotten geekier as I have gotten older). It could only output text and...
Mobile: Wrox Cross Platform Mobile Development - iPhone, iPad, Android, and everything with .NET & C#
Wrox has produced a bundle of their 3 best selling mobile development books and it is available as of Today (March 16) . A bundle of 3 best-selling and respected mobile development e-books from Wrox form a complete library on the key tools and techniques...
iOS Development with MonoTouch Cookbook
I was recently given the opportunity to review Dimitris' iOS Development with MonoTouch Cookbook . My first thought on the book was "do we need another book in this niche?". I was the first to attack the niche with my book that came out in June, 2010...
My Artilcle on the UITableView with MonoTouch and the iPhone/iOS is now online
My article on the UITableView in the iPhone/iOS with MonoTouch is now available online. Hopefully it is of value to you. Article overview: Data is what makes applications go. It could be a Twitter search, a running game score where you are playing against...
Bundle identifier on iOS with MonoTouch
So, I found a couple of issues in developing with MonoTouch that I need to be aware of. These are: Spaces. Don't have spaces in the project name. Spaces are bad. I've heard that this is fixed with 3.2.4 of MonoTouch. Unfortunately, I tend to think that...
How did I get here? My route to Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, and interest in Mobile Devices
I get asked all the time how/why I got interested in mobile and jumped on this fairly early. I tend to give half answers because it wasn't just one thing that took me to mobile, but a whole host of separate ivents culminating in a specific event where...
Apple officially changes their Developer SDK License - MonoTouch officially makes it - And then go buy a beer on me.
Great news today. Apple has updated their developer SDK License effective today. Previously, MonoTouch was sitting in a grey area. They appeared to follow the letter of the law, but their was a question if it followed the spirit of the law. With MonoTouch...
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