ASP.NET MVP Award for 2009

Sweet, I got my MVP Award for 2009.  I would like to thank:

  • My family for being supportive.
  • My friends for their assistant.
  • Microsoft. 
  • Listeners to the podcast.
  • My book publisher.
  • Customers.
  • User Group Leaders.
  • INETA.
  • People who listened to my talks.
  • My manager.
  • My accountant.
  • My personal trainer.
  • The Academy. 
  • The people at various restaurants I eat lunch at.
  • Barack Obama.
  • George Bush.
  • Bill Clinton.
  • Anyone that reads my blog.
  • Google for spidering my content.
  • Anyone that knows my name.
  • People I don't even know.
Seriously, thanks again Microsoft.


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