ASP.NET Podcast Show #137 - Install and Configuration of Microsoft Velocity with David Penton - video

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Show Notes:

----- Installation Notes -----

  • CTP1 must be uninstalled first!
  • .Net Framework version 3.5
  • PowerShell version 1.0
  • Cluster configuration options
  • XML based
  • SQL Server (or SQL CE) based
  • Set cache cluster/host options
  • Cluster Name
  • Cluster Size: small (1-3), medium (4-6), large (7-10)
  • Cache Host port (default 22233)
  • Cache Cluster port (if configuring) (default 22234)
  • Max Server Memory

----- Configuration Notes -----

  • XML Configuration file or SQL Server
  • PowerShell is the de-facto configuration tool Desktop icon is created during installation for the PowerShell entrance Keep in mind that any parameter values are case-sensitive Basic help comes from
  • Get-CacheHelp
  • Other typical options (some have obvious names)
  • Start-CacheCluster
  • Stop-CacheCluster
  • Restart-CacheCluster
  • Get-Cache (shows the current Cache Names available and the regions)
  • New-Cache (creates a new cache name)
  • Remove-Cache (removes an existing cache name)
  • Get-CacheConfig (shows statistics for the cache node specified)

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