ASP.NET Podcast Show #138 - Coding Microsoft Velocity with David Penton - video


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Show Notes:

----- Code Sample Notes -----

  • Four (4) assembly references are needed for a cache project:
  • CacheBaseLibrary.dll
  • CASBase.dll
  • ClientLibrary.dll
  • FabricCommon.dll
  • Import System.Data.Caching for code using Velocity
  • You must start with a CacheFactory. No parameters in the construct means to read from a configuration file.
  • From there, cache is accessed via a CacheName. You can use Cache.DefaultCache for the default (returns null) For CTP2, you cannot easily seek out if a region is created.
  • Cache.DefaultRegion is null as well.
  • There is quite a bit of log messages that are exposed by default in Velocity. Especially for a Cache Miss.

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