ASP.NET Podcast Show #95 - Jim Wooley on LINQ Part I (video and audio)


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Show Notes:

Part 1:
In the past, working with data has required learning a number of different API sets for each kind of data you needed to access. Relational data requires ADO. XML uses Xpath, XQuery and the XML Dom. Objects require you to write your own manipulation code. In this video, Jim Wooley (MVP in VB) introduces the Language INtegrated Query (LINQ) project and demonstrates how to leverage it to use a single API to work against objects or relational data. In it, we explore extending an existing web site to add the ability to load a set of web links from a database and display them using ASP.Net with Visual Studio code name "Orcas". He starts with a standard object collection populated by a DataReader and demonstrates how to eliminate the plumbing code using LINQ and LINQ to SQL.

Originally recorded on 3/21. Link to the Beta 1 download page:
This video is part 1 of 3 recorded at the Atlanta Visual Basic Study Group ( If it stops abruptly, it is because we didn't realize pressing F10 to step through code in a VPC would cause our recording tool to stop. The code samples and slides are available at Jim can be contacted via his web site at or at the site for his upcoming LINQ book at


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