jQuery Mobile Advanced - More jQuery Mobile and jQuery Mobile Themes

The second two of my three article series on jQuery Mobile have been posted to the MSDN Magazine Script Junkie Site.  I hope that they are helpful to you. 

Article 2: More jQuery Mobile 

There’s no doubt that mobile Web applications are here to stay. As I said at the start of the previous article in this series, talk to any C-level executive at a major company or any technology startup, and they’ll tell you about mobile apps.

jQuery Mobile (jQM) provides a JavaScript framework that allows developers to easily add a mobile look and feel to their Web applications. In this article I’ll dig into some advanced features of jQuery Mobile that—with some programming—a developer can use to provide an application that looks and feels very similar to a native app running on a device. Here’s what I’ll cover:

Article 3: jQuery Mobile Themes
The first article (Introduction to jQuery Mobile) in this series looked at the subject of themes at a high level and at themes available in jQuery Mobile (jQM). In this, the third of three articles on jQM, I show how to build a custom theme using the Theme Roller, as well as look at some custom themes that allow a mobile Web application to look more like an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone application.

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