Juice Up Your Android UI

Recently, I wrote an article for our Mono for Android column about improving your user interface of your applications.  The url is: http://visualstudiomagazine.com/articles/2013/03/01/enhancing-your-uis.aspx

I hope that you enjoy the article.  I spent a lot of time on the article plus, helping out users and creating applications that are helpful to them is a personal/pet project of mine. 

One thing that I wanted to mention in the article and could not besides a side mention is the part about reverse geocoding.  Reverse geocoding is the process of taking a latitude/longitude and getting back an address.  Users are familiar with addresses, not latitude/longitude.  Unfortunately, I was not able to show the Android reverse geocoding that is built in.  Why?  Well, at the time, I was pre-release tester of what would become Mono for Android 4.6 and all the new stuff inside of it.  I couldn't come out and say that's why this didn't work and I was not comfortable trying to go ahead with the code anyway.  I know that the code worked in previous versions.  Unfortunately, deadlines will sometimes hit you over the head when you don't expect it.  Bottom line: I apologize to you the reader.  I will have an article out on mapping at a later time and I will discuss reverse geocoding there.

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