MonoDroid Article in Visual Studio Magazine

The February edition of Visual Studio magazine is now online.  In it, my article regarding MonoDroid, the implementation of C# and .NET for Android devices, is online.  I can't thank Michael Desmond enough for the opportunity.  Its fitting now that Android is the most popular smartphone platform.  This article is available online at:

Along with the article, check out this short video that I did regarding MonoDroid on the Mac.

The article(s) were written based on MonoDroid Preview 9.1, so there are a few updates necessary, but I think this gets the basics out.  I hope you enjoy the article(s).

And yes, we're still working on our book on MonoDroid.  I've got a great author group and am excited about the book.

If you get a chance, come to AnDevCon in San Francisco in March.  I'll be presenting on MonoDroid there.

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