MonoTouch: iOS 6 Introduction, Social Media & Maps - Online Training with LearnNowOnline

One of my training courses has just been published by LearnNowOnline. I hope you find it helpful as you take up iOS 6 Development with MonoTouch. Here is some info about it below. Link:

Course Description: This course takes a look at the iOS6 operating system and creating applications with MonoTouch. The course will start with an introduction to iOS 6 how it has grown, software support, how to support the older iOS systems plus other items. Next the course will dive into social web sites like Twitter and Facebook and incorporating updates into an application. Then the course will look into existing mapsand the new maps API.

Overview of iOS6


  • Agenda
  • New Features
  • Development Requirements
  • iOS6 Growth
  • Software Support
  • How to Support Older iOS
  • Using the Older iOS/Xcode SDK
  • Display
  • iPhone Startup Images
  • Retina Images
  • Other Images
  • Screen Dimensions
  • Demo: Images
  • Demo: Selecting Images

Introduction Continued

  • ViewWillUnload, ViewDidUnload
  • DidReceiveMemoryWarning
  • ViewWillDisappear
  • Interface Orientation
  • UI Navigation Bar
  • Demo: Memory Warning
  • Demo: Orientation Changes
  • Demo: UINavigationBar

Social Improvements

Social Twitter

  • Demo: iPhone Twitter App
  • Demo: Twitter App Code
  • Social Improvements
  • Social Networks
  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Sending Tweets
  • Completion Handler
  • Calling Twitter API
  • Demo: Calling Twitter API

Social Facebook

  • Facebook
  • Post to Facebook
  • Completion Handler
  • The Facebook Graph
  • Demo: Facebook Code
  • Demo: Facebook Graph


Existing Maps

  • Apple Maps
  • Map Initialization
  • Other Methods and Objects
  • Annotations
  • Overlays
  • Demo: New Apple Maps
  • Demo: Map-Kit Maps

New Maps API

  • New Features
  • MKLaunchOptions
  • Demo: Apple Maps

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  • IOS 6 is now running on over 300 million devices, congratulations on having your iOS 6 Introduction course published on LearnNowOnline, they are well thought of.

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