Ohio State vs. Michigan II - I want a rematch

That was a pretty good game on Saturday.  It was so good, I want a rematch.


  • It was a good game, but what happens if Michigan wins? Are they the champs then? Is that fair?
    The numbers say that Michigan is #2, but it doesn't seem right to have a rematch. This season is poking some holes in the BCS system. Maybe we will see a type of playoffs in the future.

  • Michigan is #2 in the current BCS. If they finish #2, they should play again. Its the way the system is setup, until a new system gets setup.


  • i think a rematch is completely unfair to the buckeyes because the winner of last weekend's game doesn't get rewarded and if michigan somehow wins the national championship if it is a rematch, they don't deserve to be the champions. the whole BCS system is ridiculous!

  • The fact that a rematch is not happening is a travesty in college football.

    Where would Michigan be ranked if USC beat UCLA? Obviously 3rd. With USC losing, it's common sense that the team that would be 3rd be moved up to 2nd. It's simple logic. Something the BCS obviously lacks.

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