You MUST be Cross Platform

Visual Studio Magazine just posted on their site that Android will ship in One Billion devices in 2014The article is based on the following report from Gartner.  The key takeaway is that we no longer live in a "Windows World."  There are devices of all type that users are using.  As a result, developers must be knowledgeable on these devices and be able to develop for these platforms.  I would suggest subscribing to our VSM monthly column on "Cross Platform C#."  Not only does Android have a large, ok huge, set of numbers, but iOS has a large number of units shipped.  At the same time, one can not forget Windows.  What about the Web?  How can you support all of these platforms?  Tune into our Cross Platform column and you will see.
Unit Shipments

PS.  I have a cross platform article coming up in Visual Studio Magazine that is really big.  I think you will like it.

PSS. Many thanks to Kurt Mackle for inspiring me on the graphic.

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