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Quarter Century Old

A quarter of a century ago my brain was plugged into the Matrix :)

Man I feel like I'm getting old (although not as old as some of you) :)

UP Javascript

Well I've started using Firebird after hearing about it from these weblogs. So far I like it and I think I'm about to make it my default browser.

One thing I'm missing from my google toolbar in IE is the Up button to take me up one directory level. So I was thinking of a way to do this and so I decided to write a small bookmarklet:

javascript:var loc=location.href.match(/(\w+:\/\/[\w.]+\/(?:[^\s\/]*\/)*)[^\s\/]+\/?/); if(loc!=null) void(location.href=loc[1]); UP

I threw together a regular expression to parse the url to get the parent. I thought some other people may find this useful so there it is.

NOTE: I have only tested this lightly in IE 6 and Firebird 0.6

Ingo's Nine Rules of Remoting

In this article I try to shed some light on using Remoting in different environments and also recommend which features to use and which to avoid depending on your scenario. If you use Remoting or plan on doing so, this article will help you to avoid a number pitfalls which could lower or even kill your application's stability, reliability and scalability. Read here.

UPDATE: "Print-this" is now available for this article!
Ingo Rammer's Weblog]

Check out Ingo's latest article it has some nice guidelines ("The Nine Rules of Remoting") to follow when trying to come up with a .Net Remoting Solution.
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Online Bookmark Manager...

I'm trying to find a good online bookmark manager I have looked into most of them that are list on http://useful.webwizards.net/wbbm.htm but I haven’t found one that I really like yet. Does anyone use one or know of one they think is good? There surely has to be a good one out there somewhere, but until I find one I guess I will have to write my own.

I'm currently working on a webservice that will allow me to manage my bookmarks. I'm storing the bookmarks in an xml file that matches the format for Microsoft’s Treeview WebControl, so I can easily set the xml source for the treeview. I would like to use this as a sidebar. I can do this in IE by opening a link to my treeview with the target set to “_search”. I’ve been trying to use Firebird though after hearing about it from other .Net Blogs, which I like thus far but it doesn’t support a sidebar as far as I can find yet.

If anyone has any suggestions for me please let me know.

weblog Style Sheet

I created my own style sheet for my weblog, check it out and let me know what you think.  Thanks Andrew for getting me started.  I must warn you that I'm really bad with colors but I did my best. :)  I'm open for suggestions.

If by any chance anyone wants to use it (which I would be very surprised) just let me know and I will give you a copy.

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