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  • Permutations in .NET

    Permutations in .NET Dr. James McCaffrey provides a nice introduction to "permutations" along with some .NET to generate them. He further goes on to use permutations for security purposes, but that's not all they're good for. [Chris Sells]
    Thanks Chris for the article I totally enjoyed it. Of course I'm a math person and I like that kind of stuff. I have allows wondered about a good, clean, efficient way to generate all permutations of a set, but I've just never really took the time to research or develop one. Dr. James McCaffrey did an excellent job of demonstrating this and gave a few examples of what you might apply permutations toward. So if you are interested in math things like I am I would recommend checking this article out.

  • Busy as a bee

    I have not been online much the past 3 weeks or so, In fact I haven't even had access to a computer.