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Killer Web Services App: Bus Monster
Thursday, June 23, 2005 4:24 PM

I love this guy: http://www.busmonster.com/technical.html 

This application is well informed useful and combines available web services that don't require the author to maintain master data (traffic, geography, bus locations) and adds value by aggregating these available services.  This really only works because several of those services are public goods (public transportation, geographic information) and because the mapping software is driven by ad revenue.  The latter's revenue source is somewhat circumvented here so I wonder what the response will be.  I hope that we (the development and service providing community) can find an approach for free flowing revenue sharing for scenarios like this that don't require the developer of systems like bus monster to gather and disseminate revenue but that it just flows as appropriate.  In other words busses get ridden, ads get clicked, and people don't miss their bus.

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