How to update Microsoft RoundTable firmware

  1. Download the firmware: Microsoft® RoundTable™ Firmware
  2. Download the manager: Microsoft® RoundTable™ Management Tool
  3. run this at the command line:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft RoundTable\Device Management>rtmanage -m:img -i:nk -f:"C:\RoundTableQfeFirmware\nk.bin" -s:"C:\RoundTableQfeFirmware\"

    passcode/password is probably: 78491 (factory default, see RoundTable Deployment Guide)

  4. Run This command:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft RoundTable\Device Management>rtmanage.exe -m:img -i:EBOOT -f:c:\roundtableqfefirmware\cpueboot.bin -s:c:\roundtableqfefirmware\

  5. Reboot by running this command:
    Rtmanage.exe -m:cfg -r


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  • It never prompted me for a password. And it wouldnt' acept the command to reboot. I don't know if this worked for me.

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