SharePoint Wiki Page Incoming Links Web Part

Ever want the “Incoming Links” page to show up on the wiki page rather than be a separate page?  Well, here is a handy web part you can add to a wiki page.

This provided without warranty, just link to this article and tell folks how you used it.

It uses some clever JavaScript to get the content from that page and asynchronously render it in a web part.

  1. Upload the Incoming Links.dwp file to your Web Part Gallery
  2. Edit the wiki page in question (not the wiki content, the whole page)
  3. Add the Incoming Links web part to the web part zone at the bottom of the page.

This will either prevent you from the hassle of also having to support wikimedia in your environment (which is really great if you can) or buy you time until you can deploy SharePoint 2010.


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