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K-MUG Presentation on Visual Studio Productivity Tips by Yanesh Tyagi

Today I delivered a presentation on the Visual Studio Productivity Tips on the K-MUG meeting. The points that I discussed in the presentation was: Death by thousand tiny cuts Using keyboard shortcuts to enhance productivity How to become a Visual Studio Super User by extending the capabilities Use of multiple monitors ...
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Code Snippet for Automatically Implemented Property by Yanesh Tyagi

Code snippets allows programmers to extend auto-complete feature of Visual Studio. Code snippets enables a programmer to create an auto-complete that will appear in the intellisense. It also allows a programmer to define the logic of auto complete. Behind...
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Implementing Sorting in Generic List (List<T>) by Yanesh Tyagi

How to sort a generic list? Well, generic list provides a sort method itself in the form List<T>.Sort(). But wait a sec. This method requires you to implement sorting mechanism in your type. This is because this method uses default sorting mechanism...
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Converting Text into Image On-The-Fly by Yanesh Tyagi

Sometimes we need to convert text into the images on the fly. This code converts the text into image and displays it onto the web page without saving it into a file on the disk. It also takes care of text wrapping. TextToImageConvertor can either be used...
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