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  • Removing entity from a Related Collection

    I have seen this misunderstanding starting to popup more often on how to delete an entity from a related collection. Suppose we have the following entity data model where a Person has many Phones identified by 1-to-many association as shown.

  • Setting Entity Key for a view

    When you import a database view using Entity Data Model wizard,you will get an entity that has the same number of columns and data type as the view does.Suppose I have the following view in my database.

  • Search for an entity in your Entity Data Model

    Last week i discovered a feature of Entity Data Model which i have not seen extensively being promoted. I accidentally run into it because of the size of my model. If you have a large model and want to search for an entity, it becomes tedious to zoom in and out and scroll up and down to find your entity. In Entity Framework 4, on the model browser there is a new search option that allows you to search for any artifact on your model, whether it be a property, association, column, entity. Below are some ways to search for any artifact on the model.