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  • Configuring Existing DataBase with Many-to-Many using Code First

    With CTP5 of Code First, you can easily map existing database schema to classes in your project.  It allows you to configure what class and property gets mapped to what table and column in the database. Code First gives you two options to configure the mapping. You can either use DataAnnotation such as attributes or use the fluent api to explicitly control every single detail about the mapping. In the existing database schema, I had a many-to-many table and I was wondering what would be the cleanest way to map that to an association in my code first. Let’s see an example.

  • Builder Methods to create dynamic esql queries

    In the current project, I am working on,  I make use of esql heavily. One of the reason is because I am still using EF v1 which has limited support for linq queries. The second reason is, if you have dynamic queries which are build on what user selects from the search criteria, esql makes the job much easier. This is why Entity Framework supports the concepts of using builder methods.