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  • Filter IQueryable by String for ASP.NET MVC

    In ASP.NET web applications, mostly seen in MVC, it is really nice to have a standard way to filter a query based on a pre-defined set of combinators. It is often annoying to have to test for different Request parameters in a controller action for MVC or on a page for WebForms. In this post I will describe what I’m calling StringToIQueryable, an open source parser library I built in a few days that I’m using on a few projects. Basically you feed a string to the parser and it manipulates an IQueryable according to a set of pre-defined combinators. The syntax is URL-friendly… that was the goal. Hopefully I will show you in this post how useful this tool can be for both consumption and extension.

  • jQuery DataTables Plugin Meets C#

    Over the weekend, I was doing some work on the internal CMS we use over at and I wanted to scrap my custom table implementation for a table system that would use JSON to return data rather than have the data be statically allocated on the page. Basically I wanted to have the ability to refresh, etc for editing purposes. My little table marker was too much code for something so simple.