SubSonic ASP.NET Providers Project (and Announcement)

One of the most common things I see on the SubSonic forums is people asking about the Membership and Role providers running SubSonic. And another common thing I see are people saying they are going to write those providers... but it doesn't happen. So, I did it :) I started writing the Membership and Role providers a few days ago... and I finally finished coding the providers today. And I'm ready to publish!


I chose to do this project on Google Code (


So I am announcing Beta 1! The providers should just work (requires a little config). I think we should incorporate some feedback from the SubSonic user-base before calling it "Version 1".


The one thing I am EXTREAMLY proud of is that we are going to ALWAYS put out the code in C# AND VB. I am a VB dev at heart that is starting to fall in love with C#! (I'm taking the BIG step in developing the SubSonic ASP.NET providers in C#!)


Hop on over to the Google Code site for the beta download. Don't forget to report your feedback!!!!!


(Send me an email at if you would like to contribute. SubSonic guys would be a plus :)   )

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