Cool Commands for Whidbey

Some time ago I implemented some commands for VS 2003 that I called WhidbeyCommands because some commands were the same that in Whidbey (Close all but this, Show Container Folder, Copy Full Path).

To know more about the old commands read this Simon Chapman post, he documented the commands better than me ;)

I migrate the rest of the commands and I added new ones in order to use them in Whidbey:


In the context menu of the project we have:


  • Collapse all projects
  • Open Project Folder
  • Visual Command Prompt Here


In the context menu of the text views we have:


  • Demo Font


Additionally to the old commands I implemented 2 new commands:


  • Copy File

Sometimes I need to copy the working file to some place in the net because somebody wants to take a look of it.

Is like a "save as" but you continue working with the same file.



  • Send by Mail

Select some text in a document right click and choose send by mail. I found this useful a lot of times. Hope this help somebody else.




Requirements: Whidbey beta 1

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