Lookout download on Microsoft.com

Update - Boy, did I call that or what? Microsoft has pulled Lookout from the MS Download site. Fortunately, it's resurfaced on the Lookout download page (with a massive “this is unsupported, don't plan on any fixes” disclaimer). I'm left wondering what's going on behind the scenes at Microsoft regarding Lookout. Were they really planning on just vanishing the product, but changed their mind because of the community outcry? I'm certainly glad it's available again, but I definitely would like to know what's in store for the product (or the product's capabilites) in the future. Lookout obviously met a customer need, and that need isn't going away in the near future.

Microsoft's acquisition of Lookout caused a bit of a stir in the community - in particular, because they pulled the product download off of the web site with no real explanation of the product's future or whether it would ever resurface (while allowing existing users to continue using the product).

Guess what just showed up on the Microsoft Download site. You guessed it.

Now, Microsoft has a history of posting stuff on the download site and then quickly removing it. So who can say how long it will stick around. But it's there for the moment.

People have also sleuthed out the (unadvertised) download URL on the Lookout site - presumably there for the Lookout auto-upgrade process. It's appearance on the Microsoft site, however, it potentially far more interesting.




  • All the links now go to Microsoft desktop search which in my opinion isn't nearly as easy to use or effective as Lookout. I see your comment were from 2004. It was available until 2007 but since Outlook 2007 incorporates Lookout it seems Microsoft have withdrawn it for Outlook 2003.

  • I can recommend Lookeen for Outlook 07!
    It is something like the successor of Lookout, just developed!


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