The pollution on the main feed...

When I go through the main feed here on, the last thing I'm looking for is:

- Posts in any other language but English. I'm saying that as a Dutch native speaker.
- Simply regurgitated posts from (wait for it...)!!! Sometimes it even is regurgitation upon regurgitation...
- How many virtual bucks your blog is worth.
- Politics or completely unrelated things like non-technical news items. If I want to read the news, I'll check out the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and other sources, thanks.

What am I looking for? Well:

- Posts with technical content, related to Microsoft or competitive technologies.
- Techical news items, gadgets, technologies, architecture, tools; as long as it hasn't been posted or linked to before on
- Links to blog posts outside of which contain content similar to the above.

I may have missed out some, please let me know your thoughts. If we all stuck to it (even only 80% of the time), the mainfeed would be much, much cleaner.

I guess having global categories when posting, and the ability to exclude global categories on the mainfeed and for the RSS feeds (personalized setting) would help. Anyone know whether this exists in CS 2.0?


  • I agree wholeheartedly! Post whatever you want on your blog, but don't syndicate non-technical stuff to the main feed. As someone who reads the main feeds at,,,,, and (yes, I have a problem) it probably frustrates me even more than most.

  • Thank you for saying what most of us have been thinking for some time now. Can I just add "And for the record I don't care what some hokie program thinks your blog is worth!" Now if you could just go and post the same message on (which is by far the worst offender) which can repeat messages like "PDC videos are available now" or "VS2005 released to RTM" not just several times a day, but several days a week I'd be a happy man!

  • thanks for the great post. please post in english is a very good one.

  • Ok, so I was bad, I too posted the blogworth thing.

    I didn't do it right away, but I still did it.

    The occasional thing like that will always happen in a community : "everybody is trying it".

    I'm not an everyday, or even every week, blogger, but still if you go look at my blog, I think I have more articles than blog entries. Most of my things don't go on the main feed.

    As long as there aren't 20 articles in a row in annother langauge, I don't mind. If there are starting to be a lot of them, a dedicated channel/feed would be better.

    ExpertZone :: Blindly resyndicated content?

  • dude... you are right on the money (no pun intended)

    When I see a foreign language post on this site, I feel left out of that individual's knowledge that he's trying to impart upon the community.

    And when I see blog spam (my blog is worth bleh) and the Me-Too posts, I just get saddened.

    This feed used to be such a great source of knowledge and information sharing, but now those knowledge holders have scattered to many different areas, and I'd really like to know why... could it be no upgrades? a poor rich text editor? etc.etc.etc.

  • Good to hear I'm not alone.

    Rob, tagging is not always good enough. How can I filter stuff out, if someone tags it with "virtual, blog, bucks".

    I wouldn't want to only allow a pre-defined set of tags, in case I'm missing out on an interesting post by someone who didn't enter the tags I'm interested in.

    Wouldn't something like global channels work? You can tag it, but when posting you also have to tick the relevant global channels that apply.

    Just a thought.

  • As with all complaint postings in newsgroups/blogs about the off topic content of OTHER postings: the complaint is also off topic.

    As you can't control what others will say, start with yourself: post technical content, show the world what is all about. No complaint postings on teh mainfeed, as long as you can't stand the joke postings once in a while like the virtual money postings...

  • comical how non english posts are mostly german.

  • Frans, I'm not intending to complain on the mainfeed every other day now am I?

    The topic has to do with the content on, its community and the behaviour of people posting to the mainfeed. As such, it does belong there, like it or not.

    Posting about blogs' virtual value and other cr@p does not belong there.

    Besides, if you read my post, you also must have read that I said "If we all stuck to it (even only 80% of the time), the mainfeed would be much, much cleaner.". I'm sure 80% of my posts complies with the criteria I've mentioned, this one included.

    Some people like to have it the other way around, 80% non-technical related drivel, of which I am saying it doesn't belong on the main feed. You can't argue with that.

  • The thing that got me interested in was the fact that there were people NOT posting in English. It's a big world out there, kiddies, and you're gonna have to own up to the fact that not everyone speaks and writes English well.

    Other than that, I'm with you in terms of keeping the main feed useful. I've noticed the main feed getting messier as of late.

  • As I already said before, this should be solved by technology. Technology is here to help us, right? And RSS already has support for this.

    All that is needed is:

    1) the abilty to specify which langage one post is in (author's responsibility)

    2) the ability to filter the RSS stream by langages (reader's responsibility)

    It's not difficult at all.

    Not everyone in the world has English as its primary langage, and it's really well that way.

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