Huge VB.NET Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2008

I personally prefer C# over VB.NET, however the gestapo of decision making where I work have declared VB.NET the only language of choice for all things programming. So in a recent effort to get approval to use Visual Studio 2008 for development (don't even ask) I did some research on specific performance improvements that VS 2008 offers. I found the following blog post by the VB.NET team that details some awesome performance gains in compiling VB.NET code:

They have a lot of numbers there with some very nice performance gains. I have been "piloting" VS 2008 for the past two weeks now and I am very happy to report that the VB.NET performance is noticeably better. So if all of the other nice features of VS 2008 haven't sold you on installing it yet (the javascript debugging should be enough to sell anyone on its own), maybe this will push you over the edge. :)- Aaron

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