Solaris 10 - "a powerhouse monument to human achievement"

Christopher Frazier points out how proud Sun are of Solaris and the new Solaris logo.

Imagine the reaction on Slashdot if you substituted "Windows" for "Solaris" below.

"Solaris 10 is a powerhouse monument to human achievement. As the most advanced operating system ever built, Solaris 10 moves ahead. It sets entirely new standards of excellence and is taking the industry by storm. And with this historic Solaris 10 release comes a new logo -- a logo that captures the energy and power of this unparalleled platform. A logo that was designed and tested with disciplines and rigors that took their cue from the Solaris operating system itself. It's with great pleasure that we unveil the new Solaris logo -- the visual instantiation of the technology which has become the industry's archetype for the next decade. Solaris 10 moves ahead by orders of magnitude. And it's just the harbinger of things to come."

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