Namastey world

Hurrey, I am blogging, this is my first ever blog post and it really took a while to come, although I always wanted to start my blog ever since I started working in this Industry but thanks to my laziness and my wish of a good blogging platform, like MSDN blogs J.  Thanks to Joe for setting up a blog for me, I will try my best to post some useful stuff here.


About Me:


I am from INDIA and currently live in NewDelhi but I was in Bangalore for the past two years. I graduated with B.E from Rajasthan University and I am currently working in CoreObJects which is in the business of turning ideas into products. I am passionate about MS technologies specially and C#; I have also worked on, VisualBasic, ruby on rails and C/C++. Currently I am working primarily on AJAX and SQL server reporting services; I will be posting some of my experiences related to these technologies and anything new I work on. Apart from this I will blog about my passions, current affairs and my personal thoughts.

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