Working on WPF application Memory Profiling

Today, I am going to start with the task of memory profiling the WPF application, on which I am working from past few months. I have successfully done this in past, fixing a lot of memory leaks and improving the performance of WPF applications; As in past, I am hopeful of fixing some very interesting bugs and improve the application performance.

I am very excited as current application is very different from the previous WPF applications I had profiled, all the previous application were pure WPF applications but current one is a WPF plug-in hosted in a Win Forms application having plug-in/add-on architecture. I am also hoping, that this time I would be able to share some of my experience through this blog, which I was not able to do last time.

For the start I am going to rely primarily on ANT’s Memory profiler as it is the most reliable and easy to use profiler as per my previous experience. Apart from this I am also planning to evaluate .Net Memory ProfilerCLR Profiler and if required some others mentioned here & here.

Here is a list of few articles which I have found very useful in past -

Finding Memory Leaks in WPF-based applications

Memory Leaks in WPF applications

Top 5 Memory leaks in WPF and Silverlight

How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET applications

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