Revised: Writing a Calendar control for Community Server

written by Al on Sunday, December 09 2007

Note: After moving from CS 2007 to graffiti this post above links appeared broken, this one will fix that issue.

I was tired of looking at my blog page look and feel, that's why during these 3 years blogging I have changed how it looks so many times. I wanted to add a few things, and I do believe I'm not finished yet. I wanted to add my picture and a calendar like Wordpress. Community Server has the normal link per month, but I want to be able to select a date and see the post of that day.

So I wanted something simple, as adding a ASP.NET calendar control cannot be a big deal. To even cut a few more corners, I decided to use a CompositeControl class.

This post, hopefully will also show how easy is to extend Community Server.

I added the class SimpleBlogCalendar, you'll find the source code at the end of this post, as I have been told that nobody wants to see pages of source code.

If you just want to install the calendar control, those are the steps:


  1. Copy the dll on the Community Server bin directory.
  2. Depending of what theme you are using, go to /Themes/Blogs/[Yourtheme]/theme.master and register the control on top of the page :<%@ Register Assembly="BlogCalendar" Namespace="BlogCalendar" TagPrefix="sbc" %>
  3. Add the control where ever you link in the page, I recommend near to the archive links:

    <%-- Calendar Control --%>
                    <sbc:SimpleBlogCalendar ID="SimpleCalendarControl1" runat="Server" Title="Al1" BlogUrl= />


Make sure to change the property BlogUrl to the root of your blog, so the control knows the url to redirect people clicking the dates.

Download the Control



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