The new Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 in Visual Studio 2010 RC without Geometry Types.

With the goodies coming with Visual Studio 2010 a new type of SQL Database comes out to make it easier to deploy application and simplify the way to consume your data.

This is a huge improvement from Microsoft to improve hosting and deployment of your web applications that requires a database.

For years a database like that has been very needed, some file based that can be run with low trust on a web hosting environment, something better than SQL Express. Some other databases came out, like VistaDB. Something that can be deployed just by using an FTP client.

You only need to right click –> Add New Item and select SQL Server Compact Edition Database, a wizard will let you create a model as well for the database.


Issue: These version of SEL Server Compact Edition does not support Geometry types like SQL 2008 versions. After creating the database, I tried to add a geometry type and I could not find it on the dropdown.


I better note that I don’t know if in the geometry and geography types will be supported in release version of the SQL Server Compact Edition, seems difficult if the release candidate does not.

This is a huge problem for people that uses those kinds of types in their database to migrate. In my modest opinion new releases of SQL Server should always be backwards compatible.

Is LINQ to SQL Geometry fixed in Visual Studio 2010?

Seems like Microsoft if moving away from the Geometry and Geography types, I thought that .NET 4 will be supporting LINQ to SQL with Geometry and Geography types. However adding a SQL 2008 Database and creating a LINQ to SQL Class won’t be able to read the geometry type field on the database.




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