What’s new in Silverlight 4

Thanks to the Mix for all the content showing what is coming out with Silverlight 4. Its amazing how much work Microsoft accomplished in such a short amount of time, feels like Silverlight 3 was released a few months ago, July 2009 to be exact, and now, Silverlight 4 is almost here.

These are the new features coming out in Silverlight 4, I haven’t test them all, I have posted a few test for you, one of the most surprising yet interesting ones is the UDP listener in my opinion. I’ll be testing and blogging about it shortly.

The Drop events are a little disappointing right now, I personally think that should be anything being able to be dropped into the objects, instead of just desktop items, what about items from another browser?

The HTML WebBrowser only works when Silverlight is out of the browser in trusted mode, so you still need to use the div hack to bring HTML to the Silverlight environment.

What features coming out do you like better and which ones do you think are not fully cooked?

  • Xaml in Silverlight 4 still unmanaged code to keep performance high.
  • Elevated Trust.
  • Printing
  • Webcam/Mic
  • Rich Text & HTML Hosting
  • Input Improvements: Mouse wheel
  • Localized to 41 languages
  • RichTextBox.
    • UI Automation Text pattern.
    • Xaml property for serializing text content.
    • Left hand writing support.
  • UDP Listener
  • Automatically Adding Referer Header finally.
  • Networking
    • Socket security restrictions removal (Full Trust).
    • Accept-Language header.
    • Socket policy file retrieval via HTTP.
  • Out of Browser (Full Trust)
    • XAP signing
    • Silent install and emulation mode.
    • Not supported.
      • Opacity
      • Rotation
      • Effects
      • Overlaid content ( Silverlight content on HTML), you can use HTML brush.
    • Use an iframe for cross domain content.
  • Media
    • Pinned full-screen mode on secondary display.
    • Webcam/Mic configuration preview
    • More descriptive MediaSourceStream errors.
    • Content & Output protection updates
      • Updates to H.264 content protection (ClearNAL)
      • Digital Constraint Token
      • CGMS-A
      • Graphics card driver validation & revocation.
  • Graphics and Printing
    • HW accelerated Prespective Transforms
    • Ability to query page size and printable area.
    • Memory usage and perf improvements.
  • Parser
    • New architecture enables future innovation
    • Performance and stability improvements
    • XmlnsPrefix and XmlnsDefinition attributes
    • Support setting order-dependent properties.
  • Support for private mode browsing.
  • Updated OoB Install Experience on Mac.
  • Size < 6 MB

Do you need to run the application out of the browser to be able to run your app in elevated trust, should be a prompt to the user to run in elevated trust without running out of the browser. I cannot find any option to do so. Full trust should be out of the browser, elevated trust should be in the browser?







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