S#arp Architecture 1.5.2 released

 It has been a few weeks since S#arp Architecture 1.5 RTM has been released. While it was a major success a few issues were found that needed to be addressed. These mostly involved the Visual Studio templates.

What's new in S#arp Architecture 1.5.2?

  • Merged the SharpArch.* assemblies into a single assembly (SharpArch.dll)
  • Updated both VS 2008 and 2010 templates to reflect the use of the merged assembly
  • Updated SharpArch.build with custom script that allows the merging of the assemblies. Copys new merged assembly in to the root /bin folder.
  • Updated VS 2010 template to account for changes in T4 Toolbox. It is no longer neccessary to build the CrudScaffolding projects prior to their use.
  • Updated CRUD scaffolding (both normal and enterprise) to use Html.LabelFor, Html.TextBoxFor, and Html.ValidationMessageFor crud templates.
  • Updated Northwind sample to use merged assembly
  • Fixed issue with BuildUrlFromExpressionForAreas
  • Fixed issue with NHibernateSession.Init - it was possible to encounter a NullReferenceException.
  • Added new Build bat file. ClickToBuildAndMerge.bat will build the solution and then merge the assemblies into one.
  • Added Moq back to bin
  • Updated the VS templates to reflect the proper tools reference in the cs.proj files. VS 2008 is now 3.5 and VS 2010 is now 4.0.
You can find out more about S#arp Architecture on the wiki. You can also get your questions answered on the mailing list.

To download the latest, please go to http://github.com/codai/Sharp-Architecture/downloads.

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