Microsoft Free Web Platform Installer (WEB PI)

Web platform installer is a small application that allow you to stay update to date with the latest .NET tools,updates and additions that is being added to the framework.Developers may not have enough time to search and read the latest releases and updates.And so the purpose of this tool is to server as a “single-place” for the developers to check the last updates and new releases that is related to .NET and Microsoft tools in generals.

So what you have to do is to install the “WEB PI” software and when you want to check the latest updates,tools and other stuff, you just need to open it and it will automatically update itself and show you the latest additions and tools.


There is currently two versions from the software :

  • Version 1 : which provide the mentioned things.
  • Version 2( Beta): In addition to those things, this version also includes the popular open source projects(like DNN,Blog engine, ….) and also the PHP popular projects like(word press,wiki media …) which allow you to stay update with the latest updates and the latest releases of these projects.


Hope it helps.

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