Retina.NET project active again

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The Retina.NET project was dormant for some time, but with some help I'm bringing it back to life.

The last official release was made on October 2006 (v1.0.8.0) and at that time I was working on the new v2 release, but I never finished that task and so the project came to a stop.

Nonetheless, I have managed to include a couple of interesting changes in those internal Retina.NET versions, and I have found that some other people also have made some useful changes in their own Retina.NET version and are offering to integrate some of those new features with the official project sources.

So, if you used Retina.NET in some project and made a change or addition to the source code and you would like to see those changes included in an official project release, please stop by the CodePlex Retina.NET page or and let me know.

Also, if you want to participate in the project in some way, you have an idea to implement some cool new feature on Retina.NET, or you have some time to improve existing documentation, samples or Unit Tests, please stop by the Retina.NET CodePlex site and let me know.

I'm actively working on getting the new DSL designer that will replace the old EntityGen project, but there is some other work in progress like: LCG support, Generics support, LINQ support & VistaDB support.

Thanks in advance,

Andrés G Vettori
Systems Architect

Leader of the C# Community of the Microsoft Users Group Argentina


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