Andrew Wilinski

  • jQuery & International Address Data – Collecting and Storing

    In one of my websites I am required to take address information from the US, Canada, Germany and the list is growing. I needed a way to collect and store this information in a way that reports could be generated from this data. The reports needed to be filtered by country, state/province, etc. I searched Stack Overflow for some answers and came up with numerous results. I also ran across this post on displaying international address fields on a web page.

  • HandleErrorAttribute and Health Monitoring

    I'm a big fan of the ASP.NET Health Monitoring features that were released in version 2.0. I specifically like the fact that errors can be emailed and logged for later viewing. Our company stores the error messages in SQL Server which we use as error tracking to find which errors were fixed, when they were fixed, and who fixed them.

  • RecaptchaMvc

    After searching for a solution to use reCAPTCHA with ASP.NET MVC, I have come up with no way that works well with the MVC architecture. Armed with frustration and my OCD tendencies, I created RecaptchaMvc.