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  • Add a notification bar to your website using jQuery

    Many websites display notifications or prompts in what is called as information bar or notification bar. Such an information bar typically contains some text, graphics or any other HTML markup along with a close button. The information bar is always visible and is flushed with the top edge of the browser window. Once user closes it, it remains hidden for the active session. Such an information bar can be easily developed using jQuery. The remainder of this article explains how.

  • Creating a Tag Cloud for Your Blog

    Most of the blogs display a set of tags or keywords in the form of a Tag Cloud. A tag cloud presents the keywords in font sizes proportional to the number of blog posts having that tag. If you are using some blogging website or using some open source blogging engine you already have a tag cloud ready. However, if you are building your own blog engine or website you will need to build the tag cloud on your own. This article shows how to do just that.

  • Hide Web Form contents until the page is fully loaded

    If your web forms consist of small amount of content they render quickly in the browser and user can start working with them almost immediately. However, when your web forms are bulky and render too much of content, the page is loaded in the browser slowly. Users can start using the partially loaded page and perform actions such as clicking on links or buttons. At times this is undesirable and you want users to wait till the complete page is loaded in the browser. You can accomplish this with the help of little client side script.

  • Book Review: Pro HTML5 Programming, 2nd Edition

    If you are a web developer you must be aware of the rising attention being paid to HTML5. HTML5 is not merely about some markup tags. It provides a whole new set of features that make it a programmable platform. Modern web applications invariably make use of HTML markup, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and related technologies. Noticing this trend HTML5 offers many new and exiting features to the web developers. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the web development technologies you must be well-versed in HTML5. To that end Pro HTML5 Programming, 2nd Edition does a great job of providing in-depth understanding of most of the HTML5 features.