Announcing The CodeSmith Generator 6.0 Visual Studio Template Editor

The CodeSmith Team is very excited to announce that CodeSmith Generator 6.0 will feature a built-in Visual Studio CodeSmith Generator Template Editor on top of our existing Visual Studio Integration. The team has been hard at work integrating a new Template Editor into our Visual Studio integration story. Without further ado:

As you can see from the screenshot above, the CodeSmith Generator Template Editor is sitting inside of Visual Studio. This means you can use a familiar Development Interface to develop, edit and generate templates. Also noticeable is our new property grid which replaces the visual studio property grid (please note this is in the same property tool window as the built in property window). This allows much more flexibility and power to-do things like dynamically filter properties or only show required properties. The image below shows the result of clicking generate for the currently shown editor template.

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