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  • Navigating with Environmental Variables

    As a developer, and specifically as a [DotNetNuke] developer, there are a number of directories that I have to navigate to regularly.  In particular with DotNetNuke, I'm going to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DotNetNuke\Website\DesktopModules quite a bit.  So, instead of having to try to type that in all the time, or navigate through the folder structure, I've defined an environment variable "dm" that is defined as that path to my Desktop Modules folder.  I can just type %dm% into an explorer prompt and be there without any hassle.  I've also setup a %wwwroot% shortcut, though it gets used much less often.  It's a lot like keeping a shortcut around in your dock/quick launch toolbar, but you can also use it in dialogs.  Hopefully this can help you trim off a few more seconds/minutes of monotony throughout your day.

    What other solutions do y'all have for getting around to your often used files/folders?

  • Howdy, All

    Hey, there, welcome to my blog.  I'm going to be writing about the everyday encounters I have with writing code, mostly for DotNetNuke, and what I discover while doing that.  I hope it can help you out.  I'll get a real informational post out here before too long, though if you want to see some of what I've written before from my other blog, check out

    That's all for now!