Reviews: RavenDB High Performance

My book RavenDB High Performance was recently published by Packt Publishing. The team at Packt was great to work with and I had support from a strong group of reviewers: Ayende Rahien (of RavenDB fame), Paul Stovell (founder of Octopus Deploy), and Mohammed Ibrahim.

I really enjoyed writing the book and hope that readers enjoy reading it! The goal of the book was to dig into the advanced topics that would help developers take their applications to the next level.  Once you get the basics down, this book will help you optimize your applications for higher levels of scalability and functionality.

Need more encouragement to get a copy?  :)

Ayende Rahien
"To summarize, go ahead and do the cool stuff first. But pay attention to the whole book. I think that Brian has done an excellent job in getting the crucial information you need to really get the most from RavenDB. And this book is one of the best ways to go from being merely proficient to being absolutely awesome." [ From the book's forward ]

Brian Federici
"In some ways, I found the book easier to follow than the online RavenDB documentation. While it's not extensive enough to replace the online docs, I found the organization of the book to be more logical and it did a better job of surfacing the core knowledge you'd need day-to-day." [ Full Review ]

Sebastian Gebski
"The best book on RavenDB that is available currently (but not for absolute beginners!) This book is a clear win - it's a short but very practical guide to the most crucial aspects of RavenDB. To summarize: if you're considering RavenDB for your product / service, give this book a go, it will help you to understand what's Raven capable of." [ Full Review ]

Johnny Graber
"There are many tricks to squeeze more performance out of the API. Most of them are not part of the official documentation and when only as a comment to a more general topic. Brian made a big effort to collect them. And luckily for us he can explain them in a beginner-friendly way as well." [ Full Review ]

I really appreciate the kind words of these reviewers.  This is my first book and I tried to pour into it the things that I would want to learn if I were buying a book on RavenDB.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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