SharePoint Content Type Cheat Sheet


Any application or solution built in SharePoint must use a custom content type over adding columns to lists. The only exception to this is one-off solutions that have no life-cycle, proof-of-concepts, etc.

Creating Content Types

  • Web UI. Not portable, POC only
  • C# or Declarative (XML). Must deploy these as Features


Do not chagne the base XML for a Content Type after deploying. The only exception to this rule is that you can re-deploy a modified Content Type definition only after completely removing it from the environment (either programatically or by hand).

Updating Content Types

  • Update and push down to child types
    • Web UI. Manual for each environment. Document steps required for repeatability.
    • Feature Upgrade. Preferred solution.
    • C#. If you created the content type through code you might want to go this route.
  •  Create new modified Content Types and hide the old one. Not recommended but useful for legacy.


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