SignalR at the Omaha .NET User Group...

I will be speaking this Thursday, November 13th at the Omaha .NET User Group on SignalR. Please come out and join I venture back to Omaha where it's recently snowed...from my warm and cozy home in Tampa, Florida.

Here's a quick synopsis:

Topic:  Real-Time Web Communications with SignalR
Developers, are you curious about ASP.NET SignalR and its appeal throughout the dev community? You have probably heard how it makes developing real-time web functionality easy and how it enables bi-directional communication between server and client. You can use it for games, inventory apps, e-commerce, and much more. There are many reasons it is the #1 most-watched .NET GitHub project.

Join Brian Swiger for a detailed, step-by-step walk-through on how to add real-time HTTP to your web apps. See how SignalR can be used across virtually any .NET application platform or device, from phones to cloud applications. Start with the basics and ramp up quickly, with dozens of interesting demos and practical applications.

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