MSDN Architecture Webcast: Extending Microsoft patterns & practices ObjectBuilder

Note: this entry has moved.

Today I presented a webcast on p&p ObjectBuilder (OB), the underpinning framework powering CAB and EntLib v2.0.

I'm afraid I tried to cover too much ground and the result was a pretty fast and maybe hard to follow session. I think it would have been much better to do an OB introduction webcast alone, and then another one on how to extend it.  My apologies for that. I'll appreciate your feedback.

I showed some examples of how to use OB programmatically, as well as how to extend it. You can download the source, which is fairly big as it contains Pico.NET and Spring.NET in addition to OB itself. Also, you will see a side-by-side example of Fowler's MovieFinder example running in all three frameworks, so you can appreciate the differences.

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