Building NuGet extensions in 10 minutes, or how to contribute to NETFx

From the documentation:

How to contribute

NETFx relies on the CodePlex mercurial fork/pull process for contributions. The explanation on how to contribute to NuGet applies roughly in its entirety to NETFx.

Install the NETFx Contributor VSIX from the Extension Manager.

Restart VS, and now you’ll get the NETFx Extension template:


Things to note:

  • The Location MUST be under the netfx\Extensions folder
  • The directory structure following Extensions is used to make up your extension id, in the above case, it will be “netfx-System.Net.Http.HttpResponseExtensions”
  • UNCHECK the “Create directory for solution” option, or otherwise you’ll end up with a duplicate name in the package ID and the folder structure. If you make this mistake (I do it all the time ...

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