Linq to Mocks is finally born

Last time I announced Linq to Mocks, some said Moq didn't actually have anything to do with Linq. Despite the heavy usage of lambda expressions and expression trees, the "q" in Linq is for "query" after all. And they were right, of course, but it was fun anyway, and the name is definitely cool IMO :).

But this time around, I'm happy to say that it's finally true. What the next version of Moq (early beta readily available now) allows you to express in a very declarative way essentially is:

from the universe of mocks, get me those that behave like this

Rather than procedurally defining how the mock will behave, its specification is part of the query:

ControllerContext controllerContext =
    (from context in Mocks.Query<ControllerContext>()
     where context.HttpContext.User.Identity.Name == "kzu" &&
           context.HttpContext.Request.IsAuthenticated == true && 
           context.HttpContext.Request.Url == new Uri("") &&
           context.HttpContext.Response.ContentType == "application/xml"
     select context)

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